Pittsburgh, PA
Stefan Gruber - STUDIOGRUBER
Spring 2018
In collaboration with Nickie Cheung, Tamara Cartwright, Rebecca Lefkowitz
From the STUDIOGRUBER presentation:

“Afterglow will transform the riverfront under Fort Duquesne bridge into a unique public space for relaxing and community events on the water, just steps away from downtown Pittsburgh. The installation captures the motion of a setting sun as it dips into the water of the Allegheny, and creates a series of micro-public spaces along the linear path of the promenade. Brightening-up the highway underpass, the suns provide programmatic differentiation within a unifying and evocative atmosphere.”

The project won the TBD Riverlife competition, and is slated to be built Summer 2018. Key to the project are the planned series of events that will engage the community and help activate the space. The interesting part about the site is how close to downtown it is, and yet how secluded it remains.

My responsibilities in the project were final model fabrication, digital modeling, and minor design involvement.

This project won first place in the TBD Riverlife competition put on by Pittsburgh Riverlife.