Berlin Bookbinding 

Berlin, GER
Doug Cooper, Mareike Lee
Summer 2018
I spent three weeks during the summer of 2018 wandering around Berlin, drawing things, and learning how to bind books. The book displayed in the images on this page is one of two editions produced. It’s a collection of drawings, found objects, maps, words, and thoughts that come together to encapsulate my time in this fantastic city. 

The drawings play with the inserts, creating spatial, literal, and figural interactions between found and made. The drawings are all non-perspectagle impressions of places instead of a descriptive rendering of the place I saw before me. The book is loosely organized into themed sections, distinguished from one another through the overlayed map sections. Each section contains the same number of pages and components within, but could be indefinitely rearranged under new titles and with new neighbors to create different meanings. Indeed the other editions of this book all contain the same content, but in a different order. The book is hand bound with thread and glue, and the cover is made out of a silver ink lino-press. 

Some, but not all pages are shown below.