Big ‘Rona ‘Rena

An outdoor intervention to promote distanced and safe social interactions

Pittsburgh, PA
Susan Finger
Spring 2020

In collaboration with Alex Lin and Ghalya Alsanea

With the recent developments related to COVID-19 and the spatial implications that it imposes, BIG ‘RONA ‘RENA is a deployable structure that addresses the concern of social distancing while creating opportunities for social activity and gathering. As of current, the practice of social distancing calls for a 6 feet of distance between individuals. To address this concern while facilitating social interaction, our structure senses the distance between individuals within its confines and tracks when individuals are getting too close to one another. Taking this data into account, it then projects red circles around individuals who are not meeting the guidelines of social distancing to inform them to increase their distance. Its second functionality senses when the current space is not sufficient to safely house all of the occupants and expands to respond to the need for increased space. As it does reach a limit, it alarms the caretakers of the structure when the structure alone is not sufficient so that they may increase the number of modules.

Considering the limitations of fabrication capacity, the scope of this project will involve the visualization of the proposed project, including renderings, animations, and details of the structure. In regard to the responsive component, this project will mock up the proposed interventions to portray the intended functionality of the envisioned responsive structure. The deliverables of the project will convey the base interactions of the structure and hint at the larger implications of the work.