Book of Light

Pittsburgh, PA
Mendi & Keith Obadike
Fall 2019

This project was done as part of the wats:ON? Festival Across the Arts 2019

Book of Light, is an explosion of light, imagery and sound, with imagery blasting onto the facade of the College of Fine Arts building, and accompanied by a live performance of songs and poems inspired by historic, scientific, and mythic tales about light. The performance is about light itself, with images inspired by Mendi + Keith’s research into human bioluminesce and biophotonic microscopy. The use of color and aesthetics in scientific imagery inform the images; data found in the scientific studies was used to generate sounds for the performance. In the performance, Book of Light, Mendi + Keith play songs and poems, pulling from historic, scientific, and mythic tales about light. *In collaboration with Yongxin (Leon) Zhao’s Biophotonic Lab. 

I performed the projection mapping for this project, along with some assistance in the graphics and animation. View the work on the wats:ON? website here.