Dichotomous Futures

Pittsburgh, PA
Gerard Damiani
Fall 2020

This project envisions potential futures spinning out of the lines of thought present in Reyner Banhams “The Architecture of the Well Tempered Environment” and “A Home is Not a House”. By pushing many of his ideas to their at least semi logical conclusions we can learn about the respective shortcomings and advantages of such approaches. Specifically the project has latched on to the structure vs power dichotomy of environmental control methods presented to us initially in chapters 12 and 13 of the well tempered environment, as well as dealing with the prototypical bubble Banham and Delllegret create in a home is not a house.

Initially, the two polarities of structure and power were used to represent opposing futures, imagining what would happen if one ideology was followed unwaveringly. The final narrative combines the two approaches into one imagined timeline, placing us in the shoes of a character reflecting on the state of the world a few centuries down the line.

I’ve approached this as somewhat of a world-building exercise rather than seeking to develop a singular, refined, condition. The narrative is trying to deal with critical social and technological issues banham holds very dear. For instance, the redefinition of common practices of dwelling, lifestyle, and the domestic that arise from the idea of a non-existent, or non-enclosed house. What would a society with that kind of radical freedom look like? What would the consequences be for those who are inevitably unable to participate?

A large portion of this project is depicted via video content. To view these and other projects from the studio please visit our youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-_bHGRJPAW82i5yY3OnDrQ