Drawing / Performance

Pittsburgh, PA
Kai Gutschow, Nida Rehman
Spring 2016
In Collaboration with Arula Ratnakar
Entitled Pascarré, this project was an exercise in process, although what is depicted here is only the final product. We started out drafting tools, then drafting their motions, then combining this motion with another tool and transferring these two dimensional ideas into three-dimensional space. A full set of construction drawings was created with particular emphasis placed on the tectonics. The joinery in this project uses nearly no glue, instead using several different types of friction lap joints.

The form began with an antique insecticide sprayer and a tool for removing carpentry nails. The linear motion from the first and the rotational motion from the second, as well as a tension over one particular spot present in both movements, are clearly articulated in the final design

This project was purchased by Dan Martin, dean of the College of Fine Arts, and is currently on display in his office.