Epic Metals

Mobile Eco-Lab

Pittsburgh, PA
Epic Metals
Spring 2018

In collaboration with Gil Jang

This project won first place in the 2019 Epic Metals Design Competition

This project was developed in conjunction with the 3rd year Advanced Construction Studio over the course of three days specifically for the Epic Metals competition. The brief was to create an adaptable mobile eco lab to for use outside of our main studio project. 

Formally and functionally inspired by one of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests, adulari unfurls its shell to adapt to environmental conditions, embrace its surroundings, and welcome the community. Envisioned to be a mobile learning lab for ecological practices, the project provides a variety of avenues for active interaction - turning the whole structure into a learning environment. The radical joinery and movement of the project are made possible by the lightweight nature of EPIC Metals proprietary decking. With this product in mind, we utilized it for its structural benefits, utility, and formal characteristics - as well as developing new and innovative uses for the product such as shelving, facade systems, and planter beds.