Hardcorist Lectores

Pittsburgh, PA
Cruz Garcia, Nathalie Frankowski
Spring 2020

The Institute of Peoples Art and Action aims to explore the connections between political/cultural revolution and the associated artistic movements. We aim to equip citizens with the knowledge and collective conscious necessary to think critically about the established hegemonic and oppressive systems which they live under - and gather together in critical mass against them.

The programs consist of rigorous study, avid debate, collective observation, ateliers of anti-propaganda, demonstration grounds, guerrilla activism training, and strike organization. We are of the mindset that a holistic training in these areas will foster a commitment to change and revolution that will be our only way through the coming zero hour. Our current way of life is coming to an end, and we must be prepared to be the agents that will escort society into a more just, equitable, and regenerative future.

The school is run by the Seventh International, a collective which aims to create a neo-proletarian union which is of utmost urgency in our current global situation. Tapping in to the legacy of the previous five, we skip the sixth and look forward to a new and dynamic future, distancing but not disconnecting us from the past.

This project is only one portion of the Loudreaders Campus. To view the rest of the campus please visit loudreaders.org.

A large portion of the project consisted of video materials. These can be viewed online with the rest of the web-based content at loudreaders.org/INSTITUTE-OF-PEOPLES-ART-AND-ACTION.

Please also visit this page for more information on the curriculum and precedents utilized in aesthetic and conceptual formation.