Lux Pavilion

Pittsburgh, PA
Daniel Cardoso Llach, Ardavan Bidgoli
Spring 2018
In Collaboration with John Butler, Shirley Chen, Lee Chu, Colleen Duong, Vanshika Gandotra, Owen Haft
A lengthy research project into composite materials and fiberglass fabrication, culminating in a full-scale functional prototype. Laying a focus on digital to material workflows, a process was developed that took a parametrically defined form, divided it into CNC compatible segments, routed the mold, and used an ABB robotic arm to wrap it with fiberglass filament.

My responsibilities within the group consisted of the initial digital design of the form, video editing, and the development of the ABB wrapping code. Regrettably due to time restrictions on the machine we were unable to produce the final product using the robot.