Pittsburgh, PA
Joshua Bard, Tonya  Markiewicz
Fall 2017

In collaboration with Gil Jang, Cathy Dong, Angela Shi, Daniel Noh, Owen Haft

Our design is driven by the demands of accessibility with careful consideration of the specific site conditions that influence growth. The primary purpose is to extend the growing season of the plants inside, but how do we best do this? One factor is, of course, the passive regulation of the environment, but perhaps the more pivotal factor in terms of the plant’s well-being is its maintenance and care. Having a dedicated caretaker for our plants is invaluable to each plant’s growth.

This moment of gardener/hoop-house/plant interaction is the most important for the life of our plants and we found it key to make it the most beautiful aspect of the project. Whether that be through an innovative mechanism, an interesting hinge structure, or a striking opening movement, this moment will be the center of our design.

MOMENT is the expression of an event that takes place between garden and gardener. This juncture acts not only as protection, but also as presentation.
Not a tedium, but an occasion.

This project is currently installed in the Phipps Conservatory, providing growing space for their edible garden. It will later be transferred to the University of Pittsburgh Community Garden.