Physical Computing

Pittsburgh, PA
Jet Townsend
Fall 2017
This page contains an archive of projects developed for a class in physical computing - using Arduinos and small circuitry to develop small reactive and interactive modules.  


A completely self-contained multi-tonal synthesizer. Carriage bolts are used for the keys, which play a D-Major Seventh chord with an added second octave D. A speaker and the Arduino chip running the synthesizer are contained within the box, with a wire running out to an external power supply. A much labored over feature was the ability to play multiple tones and form a chord using only one Arduino.

Monster in a Box

The little guy inside rattles his teeth with fear and shakes the top of the box when you try to touch him. The proximity sensor triggers four solenoids to fire in response to how close you hold your hand.

Romeo and Juliet

The doomed love story - recreated using servo stepper motors. When the two lovebirds get close the green light turns on, when the patrolling guard passes by and sees them, the red light flicks on and he breaks them apart. The two characters are controllable via separate buttons.