Saco Lake Cascades

Pittsburgh, PA
Jeremy Ficca, Jefferey King
Spring 2018

Situated atop a rocky forested outcropping overlooking Saco Lake in rural New Hampshire, this bathhouse provides a surprising and well deserved repose for passing hikers as well as creating a destination for explicit travelers.

The process of arriving at the final design was lengthy; beginning with understanding the material attributes of wood, concrete, and water, developing this understanding further into form based around the natural containment of water in basins, and ending with a discovery of a precise relationship with the site.

There is an intensional stark divide between outside the bathhouse and in. The long abstract volume of the structural retaining wall accentuates this contrast, as well as creating anticipation by elongating the entry sequence. The pools are stepped and irregular, creating an environment that must be explored and discovered, where the visitor is constantly in some body of water.