Six Mile Island Eco-Housing

Pittsburgh, PA
Dana Cupkova, Mathew Plecity
Fall 2018

This semester long studio was founded on the premise that architecture is part of a larger planetary ecosystem and must understand the larger ecology of its site and participate responsibly in local and global systems.

Beginning with a in depth computational analysis of the site, moving to precedents and typological studies, on to ecomachinic processes, and culminating in a large scale intervention - the semester was a crescendo of conjoining influences.

My proposal focuses on providing space for human and non-human actors to create a symbiotic relationship, which ultimately benefits an even larger collective. Several scales of housing units act as floating reefs for bio-diverse river life. Anchored on dymaxion-like cores, they sway and adjust to changing flows and water levels. Leaving the island unbuilt due to its tendency to flood, it becomes a park, gathering, and event space for the community.